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:confused: Okay here is the deal. I was in an LDR with my boyfriend for quite some time and I moved out of my home state to be with him ( about 3 hours from home). It was the best thing I could have ever done. Mike and I are so happy and in love. The only problem right now is that I had issues with panic attacks in the past and they have now come back worse than ever. I am in the process of going back on my meds, but it takes quite a while for them to kick in. I have been a little bit homesick, but that is natural seeing how I haven't been here long and all, and it's nothing that I can't deal with.

Here is the problem.....Mike wants to move down south....about 14 hours from home. I don't think I can handle this. My anxiety is so bad right now, although I don't know how it will be when he is ready to go. He will be the only one I know down there, and I know it will be harder knowing that my friends and family are so much further away. The timing on the move is unknown. He could go next week, he could go in a couple of months, I think that is part of the problem...there is no plan, he is waiting to hear about a job that his friend may or may not be able to get for him. Now I am so in love with this man and I can't bare the thought of losing him, I think he is the one.....but I am so scared of moving so far from home...I don't know what to do. I am almost positive that the reason I feel this way is becuase of my anxiety. So maybe I will get on meds and be fine with all of this, but I guess you can never know until you try right? any advice? What would you do?

thanks, Nikki

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