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[B]Laconia bike week is great! Mike and I went together last year, we live right there, not in Laconica, but in the area. We actually met at the Loudon NASCAR's funny, of all the 90,000 people there, I met the guy who lived 2 miles from our hotel. And we saw eachother every weekend since that race day until I moved down here.....we travelled back and's such a great story!![/B]

Butterfly8-that's awesome! I go to Laconia Bike Week every year..We always take the ride to Louden to watch the bike races and of course visit and shop at the Harley Tents...
I too suffer from Panic Attacks and continue to control them but it's an everyday effort. I'm on Paxil have been for 4 1/2 months, also went to see a
therapist and like she said We Can Bring on a Panic Attack just by thinking about it.. So I'm here try to coach you into thinking postive of the move to NC. HAPPY THOUGHTS... :)
Have you told this to your boyfriend? Letting him know would help how you feel. Carry Mint Candy with you always, a water bottle, and remember you can't die from a panic attack, it last for 10 minutes, keep breathing, do yoga,
THINK WARM WEATHER, find a favorite book? magazine anything to keep the mind off an attack to happen...I bought a book called:Overcoming Panic Disorder / A Woman's Guide by Lorna Weinstock & Eleanor Gilman at Barnes & Noble. You control the panic attack don't let it control you. Have you tried Rikki? It may be a good idea to see one to help you relax yourself. A good massage too...
Last...Fear is an obstacle that stands in the way of success
Best of luck to you!

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