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I lost my first true love a little over a month ago. It seems that with every day it gets harder to get over him. I still cry a lot. And wonder what he is doing. I have trouble concentrating and getting things done around the house and at work. But every day I make myself get up and go. I do still think about him almost all day long, but I know that it will become less and less over time. At first I only thought about the what if's, but now I also think about being my own person. Remembering the good times we had, but also remembering the bad times. I am recognizing his faults and the things he did that werent so nice. And I am also realizing them about myself too. I know now what I need in a relationship and he definitely wasnt what I needed. I know that perfect man is out there somewhere and I will find him when I am ready. But right now I am being selfish. This healing time is about me and only me. I dont want to share my life with anyone right now. He told me that he still thinks about me and misses me, even though he is with someone else. And all I have to say about that is I hope he made the right choice to be with her, because I am gone and he can never have me back. Things happen for a reason, you might not see that reason right now, but in time you will.

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