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Time to add my Italian upbringing.
Woman want to marry at the age of 30? NO, it's more like when we 5 years old because that's what Society and the Toy Industry dictated for so many years...WE woman grow up with tea set, suzie bake ovens, baby dolls,
stupid dolls where they cry & you change their diapers!! Nice unh?
Back then, If you were not married by 21 you were considered an old maid.
Something was wrong with you. That's what most of us grew up to believe or was expected to do. I also think back then they didn't know much about love or soulmates it was just find a man and get married..LOL

I was married at 22 because my mother put pressure on me to do so. I was in 4 yr relationship, I was young and wild, I was not ready to get married.
But I listened to my mother and got married, then it was: when are you going to have kids..well that tooked alittle longer..had my son at 26 and got divorced when I was 28! by the way, my ex is a great guy/father and I did love him but I was not in love with him and I was too young & immature to know. But that was me then at 22! (I'm 42)
Some women have been successful at this and some like me have not.

The babyboomers who grew up this too today are married or divorced with children around your age and they now know better and tell their daughters don't get married so young, live alittle before taking that step, go to college, get a career, live on your own, travel & see the world before taking steps to being married and having children..
SO...if your 18 out of high school..go onto 4 years college you'll be 22 or 23yrs old. Then you work on your career, establish yourself, travel, party, live on your own. That would put you into the 28 to 30 yr old group and then you either would like to settle down with a man and become a mother or you find that you want to stay single till you meet that right person.

SO it's not a matter of why woman want to marry at 30 it just falls into the age one post said it's not 1955! If it was 1955 and we had email or these forums back then you would be asking why do woman want to marry at 18.. I tell my 13 nieces don't get married till you have experinced life on your own, go to college, get an apartment, travel, have fun...and if you fall in love along the way with that right person where you BOTH share the same goals in life then go for it..

Hope that helps to see a clearer picture..SO it's not a matter of why woman seem to want to get married at 30 it a good age to consider taking that giant step of life...You get 30 years of life to know who you are and spend the next 30, 40, or 50 years with hopefully your soulmate.

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