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[QUOTE=ber110]what does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt say 'i love you' as much as he used too or stops saying it suddenly??? i feel like hes pulling away all of a sudden..i know that hes under a lot of stress with everything thats going on in his life but cant he still "remind" me that he loves me since we havent been able to see eachother in the past week?? hes been hesitant to say 'i love you' back to me lately, so i stopped saying it because i feel that he doesnt want me to say it for some reason. it doesnt seem like he even misses me.. whats that mean?

(i had a whole page typed a minute ago *explaining* like everything but it didnt post and i tried to copy and paste it but it it wont let me paste anything ughhhhh!...soo as un-specific as it is here's the bulk of it in one question cuz i really cant type it all again-i wouldnt be able to explain everything as good and thorough as before soooo if you can help at all with as little as i wrote, thanks)[/QUOTE]

I was in your shoes not to long ago.... My DF stopped saying ti, it seemed like he didnt miss me, and he was even less affectionate. Finally I couldnt take it and I sat him down and asked him what was going on.... I aske dhim if he still loved me and why he didnt say it unless I prompted him too and even then he wouldnt say it sometimes and how come he was acting so distant and less affectionate.... the answer startled me. He said that he had been but everytime he tried I was too upset to see it. I have been moody lately and he said he gave up trying because it didnt matter what he did I always found something wrong. Also he had been so stressed out that he couldnt take trying to make me feel okay and himself. So sit down with him and ask him what is going on.... communication is the best key to happiness in a relationship!!

Good luck

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