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[QUOTE=eightball61]Your not being a busy body.... :)

I do go out alone....I am that type of person that doesn't like to go out with large groups. When I go out I like going with 3 friends top.

My GF has friends who I don't like because her friends are the type to cheat on BF's and are bad role models. I don't stop her from seeing them because that wouldn't be fair. I have friends that she don't like thats why it wouldn't be fair. The place where I get angry the most would be a dance club. The reason why is that she goes with these friends and I am afraid that she will dance and meet another guy.

We do love each other alot and spend alot of time together. This is the first time I have ever been this jealous when my GF goes out. I am still trying to figured out why. She has never cheated on me nor another, calls other guys, or anything. My mind is in a wierd gobble :dizzy: when she goes out!!!!
& it make me angry because I am being a jerk over somthing I have tried to control but hasn't help...[/QUOTE]

If I may share with you.....I dated a guy who was wonderful to me, but drove me nuts!! He was so insecure that he couldn't stand for me to hang out with girls that I had been friends with for YEARS!! One time he made the comment about a girl I had been close with for nearly 10 years that "I just don't like what she stands for." :confused: I know what he meant, but the thing was....she was not that kind of girl at all.

Regardless of whether your g/f's friends cheat on their boyfriends, etc., how many times have we said on these boards that YOU CAN'T MAKE ANYONE DO ANYTHING THAT THEY DON'T WANT TO DO.......? :p So, even if her friends were all a bunch of bed hoppers, that does not mean that she is.

Does she get jealous when you go out with the guys? And how do you behave when you are out and she is not around? Do you dance w/other people? A dance does not mean that you want to date/sleep with/get involved with that person. I think it can be healthy if you can let it be.

Jealousy is a healthy part of a relationship....IF it is kept in check! I would bet that her nights out with the girls often reaffirm how much she wants to come home to you!!! After all......she always has, right?

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