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[QUOTE=MadSkillzGal]Well let's just say I speak it like I see it. Everyone, including me, has been hurt at some point, let's be honest. However, I'm sarcastic. And I see life through sarcastic lenses.

Of course I don't hate men, they have their uses. Like marital duties and carrying the shopping ;)[/QUOTE] forgot to also mention..witty & sassy... :)
Well, I'm glad you don't hate men...Of course we ladies have that love hate relationhship with them as they do with us...I'm a girlie girlie and I always tell my boyfriend "don't try to understand me" just love me...LOL

As far as uses for them...Well, like I say...I don't NEED him...I Want him!
I know I can take out the garbage and carry my own grociers and anything I can't do...I hire someone or mickey mouse it...Because I'm a independant girlie
he doesnt' "mind" to do things...for himself and me... :) :cool:

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