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I'm going crazy
Mar 17, 2004
I am going crazy. My boyfriend of three years left me a month ago and said it was we couldn't get along and because I kept accusing him of cheating on me with my "best friend". When I left he told me "Don't worry I am coming back to you, I just need time." "You know me better than anyone else, just trust your instincts." "This isn't right, but we just need time" I asked him if he really liked my "friend" and he said no but she did give him the kind of attention I wasn't. So a few weeks passed all the time he was telling me "I still love you and it was true love, I will come back to you and yadda yadda yadda, all along those lines. So a weeked comes up and he tells me he wants to spend time with me on sunday and to call him and right before I leave he looks me in the eye and says I will come back to you I just need time, then he makes out with his ex that he left for me. Saturday night he tells me he loves me and then is on the couch cuddling with another girl he just met. Sunday rolls around and I don't call him so he calls me at midnight and asks why I didn't call and I told him to call me and he was like oh I sorry I screwed up. So then two nights later he says he is in love with my "best friend" and that person also happens to be his step brothers wife. I told this to a friend and they told me it was revenge against his step brother, my friend asked him how he could do that to his step brother and he says I don't care as long as I get her and even if I don't my step brother has been an A$$ to me my whole life. When he found out i knew about him and my "friend" he got pissed because I knew and they didn't want anyone to know. SO we had a talk one night and he told me like ten times I'm in love with her, but he also tells me I will only get married once, I just wish it couldv'e been you. The thing is he has always been sexually attracted to her and I found a letter he wrote her that everyone who has read it says oh, it is just sex. But even with everything going on my gut instinct is telling me that he will come back to me and that it is just sex. So could someone please help me stop going crazy because unfortunately I still love him, so what is he doing, guys pleae help. :confused:

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