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Ok I am engaged and I love my guy oh so deeply. He is kind and loving and commited and sweet and supportive.
But I am young, 21, and lots of people tell me I'm too young to be engaged. That I need to expirement more before I commit for the rest of my life. I've never even kissed another guy than my fiance. In hs I played sports and was heavliy involved in other activites and had a great group of friends, but never really dated and never found any guy worth kissing.
I sometimes find myself becoming scared that maybe I am too young. But at the same time I am scared of losing the best person in my life. I try to talk to him about these feelings, but he gets upset that I am saying I want to leave and isn't really capable of discussing it with me rationally b/c apparently he has no fears about wanting to expiriment with others.
I see cute guys in my classes and sometimes wonder what it would be like if I were single and was allowed to date.
I don't want to lose or hurt my sweet, darling man but at the same time I don't want to hurt him more by waiting to come to this decision with the timing of another guy in this post who is now married with a child.
Sometimes I think even if I really decided I should leave that I couldn't do it. It's like my life would not be the same without him, or maybe this life has become too comfortable. There are just so many questions running through my head, but I'm 21 and sometimes this ring on my finger seems like it should be around my neck.
And what is passion in a relationship? Is it some wild sexual attraction? My guy is handsome, but I find myself more attracted to others sometimes. I wonder if I am supposed to marry someone who drives me wild on both levels.
I just don't know. I have a year and a half until this wedding is supposed to take place, so maybe by then I'll have this all sorted out, but sometimes at night it makes my stomach turn with anxiety.

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