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[QUOTE=Makenna]I call everynight to speak to my kids when they are at my ex's house. We also live in the same town, and the kids get to see him all the time. I know that he is a good father, but the same thing goes for me- I am not good at letting go, obviously.
I know that I will have to trust him, that he is very capable of taking care of the kids.
I guess that my thing with the other women is that he is not making very good choices. Woman #1 had lost custody of her own children which was a huge concern with me. And the 2nd woman, well, from what I know of her..I don't like. I saw her out occasionally a few times, the first time (she was married) and making out with some guy about 10 yrs younger, and the second time I saw her out, she was popping ecstasy with some other girl in a bathroom. NOT the kind of woman I want around my kids. And the funny thing is that when I was with my husband at the time, he made several remarks about her and how trashy he thought she was.
I just don't get it.
Also, he makes comments about her being around the kids just because he knows that it bothers me.


I have never been married so I dont know all the emotion that comes with it (unless you count being the child of divorced parents) but there is just a thought in my head that I havent quite been able to get out.... Have you considered that maybe he is trying to get you jealous? you say that he once said woman #2 was trashy, chances are she still is and chances are that he knows it bigs you to see him with her that he is doing it in hopes to get you back. It's what us kids like to call rebound. Also he could be just as jealous as you are about your new boyfriend. I think the best thing for you to do for your kids sake is express your feelings about your concern for the children and ask him to wait until he is certain it is going to last longer than a week before he starts bringing them around your kids. Also for the kids sake dont question his whereabouts all the time. I know when I was younger and my mom would always ask us what our dad was doing or where he had taken us or who he was with, it first of all got to me because i felt like I was tattling on my daddy and so it made me scared to say antyhing to anyone and it also made me think that maybe my mom still loved my daddy and mayeb they were going to get back together. I am not sure how old your kids are but for their sake stop what you are doing and let their dad worry about his life.

Like I sid I have never been marrie dor had kids but this is my opinion. Hope it made sense

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