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Re: Jealousy
Mar 23, 2004
[QUOTE=Joseph Orion]I'm just barely talking to my girlfriend about this. 2 days later. She tells me I don't have to worry. I told her that I don't have trust issues and I'm not trying to be possessive but that for an unexplained reason, like eightball said, I just don't like it. I'm a pessimist at heart. And also like eightball said once again, she's so perfect and I don't want to lose her. Now I wonder if maybe I'm just insecure? At any rate, I still feel better telling her. We're both at work right now so I'm only txt messaging her. Of course, watch, something bad will happen lol[/QUOTE]

I think you are in the same boat as I am in... I am begining to think that its maybe I am just afraid that I am going to lose someone so special and you are afraid of that to. A perfect girl only comes once in a while and when you find one its hard to let go.

In todays world people are easily convinced and I am afraid if she meets a guy or just talks to a guy she may get interested in him.

In both of these cases there may be a little trust, jealous, or even insecurity issues but this is somthing that we will have to overcome. It isn't fair to our GF's, I know that mine is fine with the way I am because we are working things out. How does you GF respond?

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