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[QUOTE=mochi*]Three months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, and close friend of 8 years. I moved away, and we are still fairly young, only 24, and although we love each other very much, I thought we both needed some growing space and time to be single.
Anyways, he started dating a new girl in a MONTH!!!!! She is a sort of friend of mine too, to make it worse.
Overnight he changed, and acted cold and distant with me on the phone, which hurt alot becasue he is my closest friend...Should we stop being friends for a while, so we can move on?[/QUOTE]
It is a rare man that can be only friends with a woman. It is an even rarer man that can be friends with a former lover. Oh, some will tell you it can happen, but it is a rare duck, indeed. If you two stay broken up, be ready to accept the relationship is likely over. If he is with another women, do you think she will accept that wants to remain friendly with his former girlfriend of three years? Not going to happen. You need to decide you want him as a boyfriend and see if he wants it too, or just move on. Who knows what the future holds, but for now you have those two options.

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