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Last night my boyfriend and I were talking on the phone and the subject of movies came up. He than said that he really likes the leading lady of the particular movie we were discussing and that he thinks she's "really good looking." Now normaly when he expresses his like of a famous female, I will either agree if I think that she is pretty or disagree if I don't... because I read that guys think its great if girls can give props to other girls and not be all jelous and what not.

Now, i don't know why but this particular time instead of playing it cool I asked him if he thought she was prettier than me? Maybe it was because someone once told me I looked like her. I didn't say it in a mad tone or whiney voice. It was kind of flat out and flirty at the same time. His response was "well, she's famous. Thats an automatic 10 pts."

This kind of botherd me, because I was thinking "can't he ever compliment me?" This is not the first time that he has said that he thinks a famous woman is hott in front of me and I am beginning to think that he is being insensitive. Am I just overeacting?

I later told him that his comment botherd me and he justified it by saying that I think a certain singer is "really cute". Yes, before we were dateing I may have said that but I have never brought him up since we were a couple. I know that he wouldn't like it if I started gushing about another guy infront of him. I then told him that insted of saying the "10 pts" comment he could have said somthing nice about me like "I think you are beautiful too" or "you are pretty in my eyes" You know somthing like that. He then said something nice about me.... but it doesnt count if you have have to prod it out of him.

Now I know that guys don't look into things too deeply so maybe I am just getting upset over nothing... but my question is "isn't it uncalled for when my guy says that he thinks other women are cute or good looking in front of me?" Especially since he [I]never [/I] compliments me like that. I know that he is going to think that and of course I think other guys are good looking too... but I don't flat out say it to him all of the time.... well come to think of it I never say it to him. I just think that It is kind of weird that guys can comment on women they think are cute.... but is seems that when a girl does the same thing the same guys don't like it. What is the diffrence?

Now keep in mind that I wasn't trying to be a [pain] and the tone of the conversation was pretty light. I wasnt attacking, I was just a little hurt and trying to express that.

Does anyone have any comments or opinions on this? Any insight would be great.

I just hope he doesn't misconstrew what I said as jelousy....I'm not a "jelous girlfriend" type, but of course I feel it now and then.

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