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I think this is one of those issues where you have to weigh this along with all the other aspects of the relationship. If he's attentive and respectful and kind, sensitive to your needs, etc etc the rest of the time, then this is probably nothing to get worked up about. My ex boyfriend used to ogle women all the time. He'd drool over them blatently right in front of me, and it really hurt my feelings. But he was really insensitive and emotionally unavailable in other areas of our relationship. When we broke up I said "but you said you loved me" and he said "well, I thought I did but I was wrong." Not, "well, I do but we have differences" or "well, I did but we grew apart". I think it could be just a guy being a guy, or it might be an indicator that he's not really invested in the relationship. But as long as it's just movie stars on a movie screen, and only once in a while, I wouldn't worry about it.

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