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Actually the concept of 'cyber dating' is actually quite old, it's the technology to do so which is new.

Meaning that for untold years, people have been entering into blind dates. Even now, couples are thrown together by well meaning friends in a pub...."ooooh you'd love Sheila she's a top bird"........."Mike is just your type"........

Same goes for the CB. For years and years people have continued to talk for significant lengths of time without even having seen each other. The only difference with a computer is that it is now the typewritten word (mainly, although you can speak through a computer). In essence, the concept is nothing new.

I personally don't believe it's anything to do with the personal photographs which decide whether or not you meet the person or love them. After all there are enough ugly couples in this world to dispute that fact! Also lets be honest here, who HASN'T seen a stunning looking guy/gal and then looked at their partner and thought "OMG what an ugly fker, how come THEY have YOU, and I have this scrag end??". So therefore we can eliminate looks from the equation.

The computer tells lies that in real life you couldn't get away with. You couldn't pass that photo of a car you claim is yours off, because in real life I'd have already seen the clapped out heap. You couldn't lie how rich you were because I'd possibly see the trailer you were living in. You couldn't lie about how good you are in bed (despite the creativity of your typewritten word) because once we'd done the dirty deed, I could dispute it! So many aspects. Also the main thing about the computer is the lack of trust. How many people are openly flirting, and taking advantage of other people's feelings with NO retribution?

How many people are uttering the words "I love you" without even having met, not to one, but to hundreds of people! The poor person on the other side thinks they have a 'connection of souls'...what they have unfortunately, is contact with a serial cyber player. These cyber players are far worse than any player that you would find in real life. Because these are people who REALLY believe they are something special because they have perfected the art of the typewritten flirtation and 'courtship'. Face to face they are nowhere near the quality of a player in real life. They don't have the looks or charisma it takes to make it work face to face. But they already know this. They have drawn you in with their 'meaningful' conversations and if you are ripe enough for the picking, they'll have great fun at your expense. They know that they aren't anything special in the standards of the 'real world' so whilst they can, albeit over a computer, they openly enjoy their '15 minutes of fame'.

I do not think in real life you'd be able to keep up the charade the way you can online, because there's no way you can disprove it if you haven't seen anything with your own eyes.

I'm sure it's going to continue to get more and more popular and whilst I am all to aware of the potential benefits, I'm far more aware and in tune with the pitfalls.

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