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[QUOTE=GirlHarley]OK,,,,I'm jumping in on this because a couple of weeks ago on OPRAH..
MadSkillzGal..OPRAH...are you listening...

The show was about Cheating Husbands...It was mentioned that TODAY
80% of couples..Wifes and Husbands have cheated on their spouses in one way or another. Now, we can spend the whole day debating about the
Trust and Hurt issue and which couples get divorced over a onetime fling or which couples stay together and work through it.

The woman on the show...I believe there were 10? OK, so lets say 10 woman who's husbands cheated on them...***8*** have these woman ended up divorced because they TRIED to forgive their Husbands but because of the Broken Trust they divorced their husbands.

It was an interesting show because all of these woman wanted all the detail of the husbands cheating affair no matter how much they felt hurt they needed to hear the find some answers on WHY their husbands would cheat or find some closure to the Hurt they felt...

I'm with Eighball, if my husband cheated on me..I could not deal with it.
If my boyfriend cheated on me I also don't think I couldn't deal with the emotions that he slept with another woman while living with me.....He would throw the years away that we were together not me I would be throwing out a cheating boyfriend or husband......I'm too old for these games of cheating
and have too much self respect because I could never do it! :)[/QUOTE]

The way I see it if that person want to sleep around I will let them by getting out really fast. There are plenty of other caring women out there that rather seek a relationship and love rather than sleeping with someone outside the marriage.

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