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Ok First I am going to quote Dr Phil..cheesy as that is but I love this line....That is a Deal breaker.

Now I will tell you what happened with my brother. His gf who he had been withfor about 2 years decided she wanted her cake and to eat it too. Well my brother didnt know this and thougth their relationship was perfect until the other guy told him that she was leaving the gf was leaving my brother. My brother was heartbroken and I got a call from him at 2 in the morning. Well three days later I get antoher call from him at a decent hour and he told me he and her were now engaged and she realized the error of her ways and wanted my brother. Well my brother thought it was great and so they started planning a wedding. She didnt tell my brother that she was still in touch with the other guy. While they were planning their wedding they found out the other guy had gotten married and moved to another state. So my brother thought that was the end of it. Well my brother got married and after a year of marriage they were pregnant with my nephew. Well not long after my nephew was born my SIL got a job and was working long hours. When she wasnt working long hours she was on the phone or computer chatting with freinds(or so she told my brother). My brother got curious and decided to stop by her work one evening...low and behold the guy she had cheated on my brother with ran out of her work place and took off in his car as my brother got out of his. My SIL told my brother that they were friends and that my brother was being too controlling and other such nonsense. Well two days later she left my brother for her so called friend. My brother found out shortly after that she had stayed in touch with this guy the whole time and for the past couple of months had been seeing him.
My brother divorced her and if he can help it barely talks to her...only when it comes for him to let her have her visits with their son. He got full custody and she even is suppose to pay him child support. Well barely three months after their divorce she was pregnant with the other guy's kid. She tried to talk my brother into taking her back. Thankfully my brother has gotten smart and told her no and that they will never be together as a couple again.
She married the guy shortly before he second child was born and not two months later she is getting ready to divorce him. She claims it is because she is still in love with my brother. She called my brother to tell him this and he told her that it was her problem not his and if she wanted to call to talk about their son that was fine but that should be the only reason she should call him. So far now she only does call to talk about their son and arrange the visits.
He says now if he had known she had kept in touch with that guy he would have never married her.

My gut says to hold off on the wedding if not cancel it. He cheated and those that cheat RARELY do it other words this time that you just found out about may not be the first. If you marry him you may have to always wonder if he will do it again and that isnt something a married person should constantly worry over.
There is one lady on these board...untrustingbride(or something like that) whose husband "cheat" before they got married and if you read her posts she is/was having a hard time dealing with it even though she married him.

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