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[QUOTE=lories]I found a hotmail account of his and I figured out the pswd. I did read the e-mails and I know that they had been talking on the phone and e-mailing since the affair. I figure they were having phone and e-sex... Yes, he knows that I know, damn straight I confronted him. I'm still trying to figure out what to do..... It's much easier said than done. Anyways, what do I figure I would accomplish by confronting her? I have so much anger (that I"ve already shared with the man) that I feel like venting on her. In one of her e-mails she had mentioned that she was in our city and why don't we meet with your "girlfriend" for a coffee (in jest).

You are about to marry a man who not nly has disrespected you, but is ALLOWING you to be disrespected by a woman he had an affair with???
Call me crazy, but I don't know what you would want to say to either of them except that they deserve each other and tell him to **** off! Where is your self respect in this???

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