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i'm living with my boyfriend of 3 months and this problem that gets to me is that he doesn't want to give me a simple kiss on the lips in public. he just wants to give pecks on the cheek. the thing is, for the past couple of weeks, he has been really affectionate with me in public, even yes, kissing me on the lips. so then all of a sudden today he says 'i'll just give you a kiss on the cheek' and i'm very confused and hurt because i feel really rejected. i feel like he doesn't want to be close. it's complicated too because in the past i've felt i was at his whim because he would sometimes stop things and i wouldn't. i felt like i wanted him more. i feel awful having to ask for a kiss from the person i love and who is supposed to be in love with me. i don't know what i can do about this, and would love to hear what others thought. i've talked with him before about it and things were good for a couple of weeks. i've tried telling him how much i love the kisses (friend's advice, so that he doesn't feel obligated, but knowing you love it wants to do it more..) but that doesn't seem to matter. i can't tell him i need it because then he feels it's an expectation and then it will become loaded with all this stuff..

i dunno, i feel like if you are in love.. the expression just comes out.. like i can't help but be affectionate when i feel love. i know other's express things differently, but kissing? isn't that universal? and what's the difference between a peck on the cheek or a peck on the lips? is it really so much more uncomfortable in public, and if you are in love? i don't understand at all.. and
it's strange how much it affects me.. i've been crying all morning.. must seem silly

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