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I'm not understanding you post / sorry....

Your saying your Niece's boyfriend HIT on YOU, your married and have a 4 yr old son...How much older are you then this kid who picked on you?

Why didn't you SLAP in in the FACE when he was making Rude, or Coming On remarks to you? While did you follow him outside and comfort him when you had the chance? WHY didn't Your brother do anything when you told him?

I have alot of NIECE's and I am not only a good Aunt to them but also very close with ALL of them....If any GUY ever does anything to them they would have to answer to ME...I'm just that kind of AUNT...

So reading your post I'm asking why didn't you Slap him or Tell him off?

AS for your 4 yr old son...Tell him your niece's boyfriend is deaf & stupid and moody and doesn't know how to have good manners to an innocent child.

NOW, if I were you...I would STILL talk to the JERK and tell him HIS behavior
WAS unacceptable, you will not be spoken to in the manner he did and if he ever does it again you won't be as nice as the first time...Drinking or NO Drinking that guy was way out of line and should have been dealt with at the moment it happened....

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