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[QUOTE=mochi*]Okay, I mad a big mistake last night. I need some help. You can read my other post "what to do about my ex?" if you need some more info.
So, I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years/ best friend of eight years, mostly, because I was moving away, and our paths weren't paralell.
I came home for spring break, he is seeing or sort of seeing this new girl, who is also moving out of state in a week.
aNYWAYS, last night we were alone, and things got out of hand. HE wanted to have sex, i said no, "What about your girlfriend?', he avoided the question, then just brushed it off saying, that she said to do whatever he wanted.
aFTER alot of no's, I finally gave in and said yes. We still love each other very much, it is sooooo confusing, and I know we made a mistake. We didn't have sex, but got way too close.
Then, his roomate came home.
He freaked out on ME!!!! hE yelled at me and told me to leave, and this guy is my friend.
It hurt so much, I wouldn't have done anything if I thought he was exclusive or serious about this girl, but he lead me to believe it wasn;t a big deal.
I haven't tlaked to him since. I'm so scared of loosing all my friends because a mistake we BOTH made.
wHY do I have to take all the blame, he was dishonest and pushy, I was weak, and selfish. It sucks.
What should I do?
Should I talk to his roomate?
I can see why he is upset, and where he's coming from, but at the same time, what hapens between my ex and I is between us, and this new girl, sadly- WHO I thought wasn't an issue.
I'm loosing it, please help.[/QUOTE]

First off if there was a country called "Player" he would be from the largest city called "Hornville". Even though you both didn't have sex you shouldn't have let him take advatage of you. With you being there he new you still had feelings for him and that why he kept bugging you about sex.

At this point you no longer need to see him. Why should he keep hurting you. Its not your fault but you have to get on and he has to go on.

This guy is a treating you like a dog and will give you a whistle if he needs somthing. Don''t put him under this assumption...

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