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I need some advice...Maybe I'm just being insecure.. But, I've noticed that my boyfriend of 2.5 years has been hanging out with his friends more and more latley. I've been a little bummed about it because before, we would always spend Fridays, Saturday mornings, and Sundays together (he works nights so this was the only time we had to spend together).

I realize that these 3 days are more than enough time to spend with eachother. But the thing is that after 2 years, I've noticed that out of these 3 times we get to hang out, he's been cutting our days together shorter, and shorter. He's also leaving work early to hang out with his friends (something he only did when he and I first met).

It seems that everytime his friends call him on his cell phone (when he and I are hanging out), he tells his friends he can't hang out cause he's out with me, but you can tell he is just itching to go out with them. But he doesn't leave cause I know he's scared that I'll get bummed out or mad. So he ends up hanging out with me, but it seems like he doesn't want to be there, and there there is just NO CONVERSATION, no affection from his side at all. It seems like our only conversation is, "So, what do you want to do?"

Before, he and I would always go to dinner, have a good time, talk about work, friends, our daily lives, hopes dreams. But it seems like these last couple months, he just wants to hang out with all his buddies. He could care less of how I've been, how things are going or what I might I have to say.

I know he still loves me. But latley I feel like I'm more like an obligation, than a girlfriend.

He and I have been through a lot together. I admit I haven't been the best girlfriend. We've had our issues. We haven't had the perfect relatinship, but at that same time, I know that even though we've had our really, really hard times, we've always decided to stay together, and to stick it through.

Latley I just feel so sad. I get really nervous when I'm around him now. I always feel that I am going to say something wrong, or that he's just losing interest in me all together? I don't know.

I don't want to question him about spending time with his friends, because I don't want him to think that I'm jealous, and that I don't want him to spend time with his friends. Which is not the case. I just want to know if he is losing interest in me.

Have any girls experienced this? Does my boyfriend just need his space? Or guys, if you are reading this, do you have any comments as to why this could be happening? Any recommendations on what I should do?

Also, incase your wondering, no I have not gained a considerable amount of weight or not taken care of myself. In fact it's the opposite, I've been trying harder then ever to wear things that he likes, and look good for him. I weigh & look exactly the same from when he met me (I'm very anal about the way I look). So I know it's not related to that.. :D
Sadly I learned that a little late in life.....but I won't have to be told twice. [B]SO BARK WHEN I SAY BARK DUDES![/B] :D[/QUOTE]

That's double standard and lack of respect if I've ever heard it. No one should have to jump or "bark" for anyone. You should both have your own lives away from your relationship.

In my view, relationship comes first but friends are a close second. Do you still have fun with your boyfriend or do the two of you just sit there in front of the tv and not even talk. What does your quality time together consist of? Are you still silly and playful and goofy around each other? It could be that he's somewhat bored so try to make your relationship fun again. Go out and do things instead of sitting around at home together. Go for hikes, dinners, meet with friends, go dancing, etc. Try to make things fun and exciting once again.

People's instincts generally tell them to be where it's most fun. Right now he's having more fun with his friends.

I agree with whoever said that next time he wants to go with his friends just smile and tell him to go have fun. It'll improve your next visit a hundred fold!

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