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[QUOTE=Salinas1]What is ridiculous is to somehow infer that I ever suggested relationships don't go through hard times. Of course they do. My objections are that you should be going through this struggle with your boyfriend as a boyfriend, and not with him protraying, by default, a father figure for your daughters. At least until the word “doubt” no loner lingers on his lips. Children don’t “work through”. They learn lessons from adults “working through”.

From you most recent response, we simply have a huge difference of philosophy on what is and isn't appropriate in teaching children of adult relationships. My own values dictate that bringing a man into the house as a father figure, that does not have a legal status to the children, who has, while living in that environment expressed emotional attachment to a former girlfriend, who has openly questioned his readiness to take on the role of father, simply not fair or right for the children. I think it teaches, especially young girls, that it is normal behavior to live with a man before he is committed and certain. There are so many other issues with bringing a man into the house that to list them all would make no matter. Your values on tis are different than min, so we can only disagree on this.

All I can say is the cylce is a cycle for a reason.[/QUOTE]

Every man who goes into a relationship with a women with kids is NEVER 100% ready no matter how much they say they are (especially if he has NEVER lived with children before). Every man will doubt whether or not they are going to be able to handle it or if they are going to do what is right by the children.

Yes I agree we COULD go round and round about this because we believe differently on this. But it's not going to.
You do things the way YOU want to.
I do not judge nor do I critisis you for it. And I won't. Because each of us is different. Just because I have my bf living with us. (and everyone has doubts about relationships at times anyways) doesn't mean my children are going to grow up in unhealthy relationships.
So for you to say a cycle is a cycle for a reason is VERY uncalled for. No reason to get rude about things just because we do not see eye to eye.
You live your life the way YOU want to. And if you don't like my thread then STOP responding to it.
I had and do have EVERY right to come on here and ask for opinions.
And just because I don't do things the way YOU feel are right, does not mean they are not right for me. Nor does it make me a bad person OR a bad mother. I am a VERY good mother.
Things do not always work for every person.
So not everyone is going to do the things YOU feel they should.
That's a fact of life.

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