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[QUOTE=vicky20012]hi there im in need of some tips on how to attract the attention of this man i like at work i honestly feel like a little girl again and i,ve lost the plot lol

please anyone have any ideas !!!!!

and has anyone had any good relationships from work that have lasted ?

and also bad relationships that have,nt worked out ?


Others will answer your post so I will give you mine. NO!
I was involved with a co-worker for 10 months....Everyone knew each other as it was a decent size company, lots of young hip people, lots of clicks and parties and afterwork get togethers...Awesome company to work for (they are not longer in business)

When we were together It was Great, and I felt awesome dating a co worker, going into work together in the mornings, working late at night and going home together...Well, after 10 months, out of know where he dumped me, found out he also cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend who he WAS trying to get back with and I knew nothing. I had to hide my pain and act professional, go to work with a SMILE on my face as if it didn't bother me, kept that stupid smile on my face for 8 hours, as I would leave work, walking out the parking lot I would ball my eyes out for two weeks straight.

It was hard seeing him everyday, and when he was with his group of guys having lunch talking and laughing I wanted to punch him out for dumping me but I didn't, I would not let him know how bad he hurt me, it was pointless and I had to act professional regardless of my personal life at work....

SO, that is my work relationship story, others may have happy endings,
Mine did not. Does your workplace allow dating? Mind did as it was a young hip company and there were about 8 marriages that did take place with relationships formed at where I worked.

Good Luck. :wave:

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