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Sigh, well i am 21 and have had acne for about 3 years. And before that i was overweight throughout my whole life. Well i have lost about 90% of the weight and have gain a lot of muscle mass and definition. However i feel that the females tend to not like a guy with acne. My acne is not that bad, but i do have some red scarring and mild acne. I shower daily and dress nicely and smell nice as well. However i don't seem to catch any flirtatiousness or signals that someone is interested or think im cute. LoL (feel like a geek for posting this) I think im good looking other than this devil **** on my face.

Is acne a turn off in guys? I know some girls will post on here that they don't care, but where the hell are you at. :) I feel that the only girls i can get a chance with are the girls who also have acne. This kind of annoys me, since i hardly seen any girls with acne and they have boyfriends I don't judge people by how they look, i find all women attractive. However i am not attracted to females who do not take care of themselves to the extent of being obese, or the obvious.

So anyways, do you ladies tend to think, *there are plenty of guys out there that don't have acne so blow this guy off*. Because thats the feeling i tend to get, when i don't even get a chance. Its like i chose to have this crap take over my life and emotionally tear me apart.

Well i just wanted to ask a females opinion on the acne topic. Also for any felluz or ladies who can help me with my game. I am not good at walking up to a girl and just macking/flirting if you will. Any helpful tips that have helped you. I don't wanna sound like a geek or a player, because i am neither.


Oh and also, why is it that its always the ******* guys that cheat on their gfs can get girls all the time? I hate when my friends or work buddys talk about how they are doing such and such with other girls when they have a girlfriend. That pisses the **** outta me and kinda makes me look at them a different way. I guess being overweight all my life and now dealing with acne, my emotional state is like a females. I'm more considerate and honest than almost every guy i know.. AND NO ONE KNOWS IM PROBABLY THE BEST GUY THEY WOULD EVER HAVE...grrr

If this sounded gay, it probably does so im not gonna read what i wrote. :P

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