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[QUOTE=Where oh where]I met this wonderful guy. I am 34 and he is 28. When we first met, he called me four days in a row. We talked for hours about things we wanted in life and in a relationship. We were very comfortable together. After the 4th date, one thing led to another, and he ended up with performance anxiety. I did not treat this as a big deal. Things like that happen. The next time we tried, it happened again. I told him that it was not a problem, and that he was just nervous and that I was nervous also. The next time I saw him, he was acting funny all night. He than told me that he was having a moral problem, and that he know longer wanted to have sex with me. We both shut down, and didn't say anything to each other. I just didn't know what to say. I was hurt and felt rejected. After not talking to each other for about 45 minutes, he left. I waited 4 days, and then left him a message telling him that I missed him, and that I would like to talk to him and try to work this issue out. It has been a few days, and I have not heard from him. Any ideas on what to do with this situation? I don't know if I should try to call again, or just hope he will return the call? I feel like he is running scared and I am never going to catch up![/QUOTE]

He was your phone buddy...Felt more relaxed and comfortable talking to you on the phone...Whether he has performance issues, medical issues, moral issues, Don't feel rejected, hurt, or confused, leave it as is.

You know yourself and you will felt comfortable with him, you don't really know him ....only thru your phone conversations - which Both of you,
felt good thru the phone lines and comfortable enough for the (4) dates...But, he may not for his own personal reasons that you may never know...felt comfortable with you.
Please DON'T blame yourself, don't think it's YOU, don't think this is YOUR problem and that YOU can fix it......I can understand if you thought "if" only you can do this for him, if he can trust you, if you can show him what a wonderful person you are, I'm sure you are a great person, but trust me....
This is His issue...not yours....And I mean this truly in a Nice Friendly Way.

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