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[QUOTE=JavaJoy01]I'm in a similar boat and I don't know if I should be upset or not. My boyfriend has this sudden new interest in having friends of the opposite sex. He even met up with one yesterday that he knew from online, I did not know about this until he told me (He said he told her all about me). I get upset and I tell him so, and he gets mad and tells me that he's allowed to make friends with other women. I never hang out with other men out of respect for him, even thou he insists he's fine with me going out with them as friends. He thinks it's ok to get other womans phone numbers, call them and hang out. Am I wrong? Should I be concerned or not care?? These are not women that he knew before me, these are new women that approach him or get introduced to him. I don't want to stop him from making friends with other people, it's just that these are other women, some might be more attractive then I am or more willing if you get my drift. I'm scared that a "Relationship" might start to form even though he insists he'd never cheat. I could really use advice.[/QUOTE]

I thinks its wrong for him to meet other women and get there numbers if you are in a serious relationship. If these were just old friends that he is meeting up with then I don't see any reason to worry if he is being honest and telling you that he is getting these numbers. From what I gather he is telling you about these for the most part.

Should I be concerned or not care?? [/B]

It should be a little of both....You should be concerned on who these women are and what his ties are to them. If its an old friend then let them catch harm done

And as long if he honest you have nothing to worry about but just make sure he stays open to you.

Also you don't want to be over concerned so he doesn't get fed up and thinks your to harsh. He expect to have an open relationship where your aloud to be friends with the opposite sex with no strings attach. You should be thankful to have a man that a jerk and wants you to stay home while he parties. He sounds like a good guy...maybe a keeper ;)
Ewwwww.......this makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I don't like that at ALL!! He is being very disrespectful. And I don't care if they ask about you or not. All that shows is that they know he has a significant other and they don't care. Would YOU go out of your way to start a "friendship" with a man who you KNEW was in a relationship? Of course not! Now...why wouldn't you??? Because it would be disrespectful to her? Or would you get a kick out of the "He must not think much of her if he is always calling/talking to/hanging out with me"--you are a woman. You KNOW women do this. THey justify spending time with him as "he's calling me. that's not my fault." I don't care what his reasons are. It would be different if these women were friends that he had known forever and had always been platonic with. But to feel the need to SEEK OUT female companionship from anyone other than his girl is wrong. BIG red flag!!!

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