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Re: Stuck in a Rut
Apr 14, 2004
Did you guys agree to completely cut off contact for a few days?

I don't know, it seems weird to me. You can still do plenty with and for yourself while maintaing distance without going cold turkey. Is there a specific reason that he stated as to why he wants this time?

He, of course, has every right to ask for space and time (and it can be as much as YOU are willing to give for yourself too - if that makes sense), but what's up with the full cut-off? Whenever my boyfriend asks for a night to himself, he says he just needs to be alone and wants to do his own thing for an evening, but we usually at least call to say goodnight at some point during the evening.

We're still doing our own things, still working on taking care of ourselves, but talking for 5- 10 minutes on the phone doesn't hurt anything.

Just kinda strikes me as odd. But if he wanted the space and time and you agreed to it, you should wait for a few days before contacting him I guess :\

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