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[QUOTE=GirlHarley]I have had a conversation with my boyfriend on this issue... if he met someone better then me to please be honest with me and break up with me, but please do not cheat on me. I would respect him more if he was honest that he found someone better then me and leave me, then to cheat on me to TEST the affair before leaving me.
Please don't get me wrong, of course I would be hurt...I would cry me a river but I would still have my dignity and hold my head high.

I had conversations like this with my boyfriend too. At a couple points in our relationship, I questioned him about his feelings for another girl. HE went out of his way to tell me that if he ever wanted to be with someone else, he would tell me, and break up with me, instead of cheating. It wasn't even me who requested this ... he said that's how he would deal with that situation. At that time though, he was happy with me and had no intention of being with someone else.

Then a couple years passed and things went downhill in our relationship. We both had considered breaking it off. But we agreed to work on it instead. Then, I found out he had started cheating on me. This went completely against everything he had ever said about how he would deal with it. I do not understand why he couldn't have just waited to be with someone else, and broke up with me first. He can't explain it either. He just says he didn't know how to tell me (which doesn't make much sense because we had already talked about breaking up, so it wouldn't have been a total surprise, although I still would've been devastated because I wanted to continue the relationship). He says the relationship was "over in his mind" so that's why he got together with someone else. Personally I think he was just selfish. That's why most people cheat. They may have strong feelings for the person they're cheating on, but their own wants and needs come first. And their feelings for the other person aren't enough to stop them from doing what they want.

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