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Her mind is messed up she, she is fresh out of a 5 yr relationship with another guy. This guy was not just any ol' boyfriend he was her first at everything. I think its great that they are still friends but I am afraid that she may still have feeling for him deep down.

5 years is a long time and during a relationship like that there is a lot of talk about future and marriage. I am sure they have discuss this and she once saw her future with this guy then it just all ended. By her talking to him her old feelings are not letting go and she may still have some left.

You need need to say somthing to her and know what her true feelinga are. See where her mind stands..
It is not the GUY who needs to contact the girls ex-boyriend to call it quits or stop the phone calls...It is the responsiblity of the girlfriend.

It is NOT the new boyfriends business. If he does not like his new girlfriend talking with her ex, then he needs to address this with her not the guy...

He will look like a fool and control freak doing this. Also, if she thinks she going to look like a B/word...well too is she looking like with her new boyfriend?

and let me tell you...I was in a situation like this before...I moved in with this guy who was only broken up for 6 months with a girl he was involved with for 4 yrs....He left his wife for this girl....She thought she was ALL THAT...She would call the house when ever she felt like it, would call his office, called in the middle of the night while drunk, I was crazy jealous...He pretended that it was not his fault she was calling....but HE did Encourage it...He & I had many fights over this...I couldn't understand (at that time) why he was doing this to me or to our relationship...I was not going to call her...That would only let her know she WON (pissing me off) I'm sure she knew it upset me but I was NOT going to Confront her...I probably would have kicked her butt...that's how angry I was....After dealing with this for 9months, along with HIM...cheating on me (I had a clue but didn't know for sure till after we broke up) I ended this crazy relationship for my sanity sake....

What I realized after we broke up... was his ex-girlfriend calling him all the time...She was feeding his ego and with me fighting with him about her calling I was feeding his ego...Also, he had no intentions of going back with her...He just like the fact that She wanted him back (she cheated on him too)
and this was his way of hurting her so he encouraged the phone calls.

good luck with you with the outcome...But, it's her choice if she wants the exboyfriend to continue calling and It's you choice what you want to do with her...Love or not...Sanity is more important then this crap......

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