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[QUOTE=Salinas1]With the guy? If I have to talk to the guy in order for my girlfriend to get the message, the gf is not worth it. I always felt like if you have to warn someone to stay away for your man or woman, you better question if your man or woman is worth keeping.[/QUOTE]

Who said anything about warning the other to stay away? I would get on the phone and explain to the guy that she is not interested in him anymore and try to convince him it is over. Why prolong the situation when it is inevitable. It is not helping any of the 3 people involved. I would have decent conversation with the guy and try to get this situation over with once and for all. I wouldn't warn anybody over the phone. If it came to it, as a last resort, I would take care of that personally but I'm not a person that reacts irrationally.
In the end though, the decision still rests with the girl, which one of the two guys she will choose but still, that doesn't mean she has to be the one to let the other guy know where she stands.

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