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I was engaged last year to be married. We broke up for four months because we just argued and had conflict throughout our relationship. It was pursuant to a lot of issues we have had.

Undeniabily, there was true love there. I really do love this man. He has health issues. He's type II diabetic and smokes cigarettes. He never truly exercised (I'm a exercise fanatic.) and I kept expressing to him that it wasn't about his weight, but his overall moods would be improved tremondously from exercise. HE IS moody. So am I, but not like him. He angers easily (he would never hit me or my daughter), but it dissappates also easily.

I push him so much because my ex-husband had a heart attack. My ex-boyfriend died of an heart attack. My friend's husband died of an heart attack. I mean these are men all in their 30's only.

So during the four months, we were both pretty depressed when we broke up. He did start an exericse program, but quit when I started seeing him again. So hence the moodiness again, so forth.

Don't get me wrong, he's a great and wonderful man. He's educated, handy around the house, professional, creative and a good provider. Very opposite than my ex-husband. He's GREAT with my 5 year old too.

He went out on a date with me while he was dating another girl. He broke up with that girl after our first date. However, I had asked him whether he had a girlfriend and he said NO. I'm really like his only 3rd real girlfriend and he says he did that because I am his true love. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway~when I speak of a long term committment now. He says he's not ready right now because he's scared of the being severely depressed if something will go wrong. We are not in the day to day like we use to be, but see each other on the weekend.

At this point- I don't know if I should continue. He use to be at my beck-n-call, but isn't anymore. I don't like feeling insecure. I'm use to feeling secured with him.

What are your thoughts about this? Should I weigh it out?

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