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[QUOTE=annebash]This man is an emotional vampire. He is sucking the llife out of me. Im beginning to realize that every time something is not going his way, he will probably take it out on me and cut me off emotionally again. I dont think I can do that. I used to be sad, now Im just angry. Im doing alot to get it together, because not only do we need the money, I need to be in a position where I can leave if I have to. I dont like being manipulated. I decided that this week, I would limit my phone conversations with him. I need to keep my head straight to get things done, and when I speak with him, it is distracting. Im not really asking for advice. Im just venting, and getting my thoughts straight. But feel free to respond. Its funny, Im doing the things he wants, but Im sure as heck not doing them for him. Its all for me. When I reach a point where im employed and happy, I will be able to focus more on what I need to do about him. Im sick of being "punished" all the time. Passive-aggressive people are so annoying[/QUOTE]

I sometimes wonder if every relationship is emotionally draining. Then physical comes 2nd. I understand your situation---and geez I'd say let him put you through college/get your degree honey!!!! <<< I regret not ever getting mine, while he went to schools we scraped to pay for--and then, never used them to further himself or his career and we starved. If you have to hang in there until this is done, or in some cases certain states force the hubby to do their part and pay for it even in the end.

For me, I have been with a partner 3 yrs. You'd think we'd all be comfy with each other---and almost 2 yrs ago found herself in an almost affair--everything but the sex. While our lives went back to normal and we've come along way healing over it, the aftermath is our sex activites are declined from the emotional scars. So if I get all geared up and ready--then I get told she has an anxiety complex and refuses to perform. I have been on a war path the past few days in our house because after all these years, this is one thing I've never heard from by her, or even suspected. Then I blew the engine in my car, and she made a comment that maybe I could catch a ride to work because she didn't want the miles on her car---we needed to make it last since the payments are so high and I am the one driving 30 miles one way a day...!! I blew a total gasket. Maybe I'm the one reading more into these excuses by her. I am expected to take someone who has anxiety performance and could care less if I've had sex in 9 mos (considering 4 mos is healing from surgery) and she can be pleasured? Which leaves me to wonder what is it with me? I've never had anyone complain before that I leave them with this complex of performance anxieties. And in the heat of the argument I say its her guilt for screwing around on me--knowing I didn't deserve it, and her coping with her mistake, and now she's left me totally like angry and my stomach is full of it by this lame excuse. I really don't want to even go home today and see her face... thats how hurt I am.

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