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From what you wrote, it really seems like you have doubts about marrying your boyfriend... and I would too if I were you. Also, if I were your daughter, then I'd most likely be acting the same way as her. It is hard to respect and come to like someone who is older than me (AND who is dating my mother) who doesnt have a job and works here and there only to spend his earnings on utilities and his kids' activities... especially if I was juggling both college schoolwork and work. I would understand, however, if he has a condition that makes working too difficult. Otherwise, he needs to at least find a secure job to prove that he can support a marriage. He doesnt seem to care enough about your grandchildren -should you get married, they will become his grandchildren too and it wouldnt be right for him to treat them like that.
He may be a good guy but he doesnt seem like husband or father material. I disagree with his behavior -not working, trying to make your daughter move out, not willing to pay for your grandchildren, and not making matters better when you had specifically told him that his family gatherings make you feel uncomfortable.
Like the other poster said, you probably are better off with your daughter and grandchildren. I dont think he is worth risking ruining your relationship with them.

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