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[QUOTE=commited]Thanks for the replies...

We are both twenty years of age and have been together about a year.

I was NEVER like this before him and Ive been in my fair share of relationships but none that were nearly as serious as this one.I love him alot and plan on having a future with him but I NEED to get over this jealousy thing because when I get jealous I get in a bad mood and thats no fun for either of us.

We have all been there at one time or another in our lives...I too was Very jealous when I was your age, I didn't have any reason to be jealous regarding my boyfriend because he truly love me, he would have never cheated on me yada yada yada...I was so insecure about my self back then, don't know why but I was and I hated it, hated the feeling, and like you said it an't no fun.
I did continue to be a jealous girlfriend thru the years, I pretended I wasn't, tried to stay cool around pretty girls - but deep down I was jealous -

Hon, all I can say is let it go...Let the insecurites go...If something is going to happen, it's going to happen...You really can't control what another person does, but as we always say - We can Control Our emotions, we also forget about ourselves when we are soooo in love, we focus everything on the person we love and think we will Die without that person,and if he or she ever cheats we will die....No we won't....

Well, maybe because I'm older now - but damn,,,I am not insecure anymore, I love my boyfriend and he loves me, gives me NO reason to think he would cheat...and IF he did...I was would broken hearted but I would move onto.

Tell yourself,,,,there are always going to be young beautiful girls around forever and we will all age at some time in our lives....including those hot girls.
Focus on Feeling Good about yourself and girl, Have FUN! :)

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