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No we will not have time in between, since we live around the same area at home as well as go to school together. The good thing is that we had a talk last night about this, because i expressed my feelings and concerns to him. i felt bad for bothering him with my concerns and feelings, but then he reassured me that my feelings aren't stupid and that when something doesn't feel right, then I need to tell him. He told me that everything was okay and that he understands why I feel the way I do and will help me in every way to overcome those feelings. He said he will stand by me 100% when I go to counseling. He told me just because he goes out with his friends, doesn't mean he is cheating on me, or does not want to hang out with me. It just simply means that he wants to spend time wiht friends because next to his family and girlfriend, they are the most important people in his life. He mentioned that one thing he wishes was that I had more time to focus on myself when i broke up with my ex...(meaning, i jumped into a new relationship without letting myself heal.) we both agree that we don't want to seperate because of this, which is why he tries to tell me he will help me out any way i need. He wants me to start hanging out with my friends more, and for one night a week, just FORGET ABOUT HIM, and go out and enjoy myself. Go out to clubs or parties, or even just have a girls night out. He just wants me to enjoy my life. Sometimes I get jealous of him because he is sooo social and has so many friends, and then I have a group of my best friends and am kind of shy when I meet new people. But the only person who can change that is me. He tries to help me out a lot, when we go out, he brings me in the conversation and always tries to involve me. He is such a wonderful person, but sometimes I do wish i had more time to let myself heal. I need to learn what it feels like to be selfish and focus only on myself. I have never done this because I have always had a boyfriend, since I was 14 years old. WHen i was 14, i dated a boy for a year and a half. And then when I was 16, i started dating my ex and that lasted til i was 20. and now my current boyfriend. SOmetimes I think i depend on guys too much, or just love that feeling of comfort. I'm not sure exactly what it is. Do u think it's a mistake to stay with my current boyfriend? He's so willing to try and help me, but do u think it is possible to be helped when I have a boyfriend?? I don't know. I really care about him. Soooo confusing....

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