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I totally agree with the replies.

I was in a similar situation about 2 years ago, and went through the crying, guilt trips, and 'trapped' feelings that you are going through. You are right to leave....and stay away. If this person cheated on you, then it is not a matter of whether he loves you or not...he just wants to play the field and have the security of a girlfriend at the same time. My guess is that he doesn't like to be alone.

Once again, the marriage proposal is just a ploy to regain a sense of security...don't fall for it! I almost did, and luckily had friends to help me realize being possessed in a marriage situation is definitely a no-no. He will say a lot of things, try a lot of things, but it is actions, not words that count. Watch what kinds of things he DOES, and you will know your answer.

Good luck, and hope you regain a sense of peace soon!

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