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I don't know how old you guys are but if you're young, young guys and their friends can be a strange lot. Your boyfriend's friend may be feeling resentment that you are taking up a lot of his time, or he may be just jealous that his friend has a girlfriend and he doesn't. Either way, your boyfriend still wants to be friends with him, and to curb off this guy coming between you later, which he will probably try to do, try and be friends with him or at least be friendly with him. Go out and do stuff with them and be nice, maybe even try to get him fixed up with another girl. It will make your life a lot easier if you get along with his friend.
I have a guy friend thats sort of like this. I try to make as much time for him but he get really jealous when I go out with my GF. A few year back he was dating this girl and never had time for me when I was single. Today I am taken and he is single. He now expects me to drop it all for him.

i am sorry but I am in love. I do make time for him at time during the week or at night after I see my GF. A lot of times he pisses and moans but there not anything I can do.

Thats just a story, even though I have nothing to help you with maybe just trying talking to him with you voice of concern. I talk to my friend and understand a little.

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