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[B][I][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Ive been married 5 years, not happily. My husband and I started talking divorce about 6 months ago. About a month after that, I ran into an old boyfriend and we hit it off, but NOTHING happened while I was working things out with hubby, although he was, and still is suspicious, and wont take my word for it. They knew eachother while I was dating my old flame, and have NEVER gotten along, so this makes it worse.

In Feburary, my husband moved out, and although I have rekindled a friendship with my ex, I promised hubby as long as we were married I would not have a romantic relationship with him, and that has held true.

Today, my husband and I signed our divorce papers, so we arent long off from a divorce. My ex has stated he has romantic feelings, and would love to pursue a long term relationship, and I am considering this heavily. My question, though is a little more difficult than that.

I have 4 children, and my hubby has been ok keeping up a relationship with them, but I dont think it will continue, its never been a very strong one anyway. My ex LOVES and adores my kids, so I think hed be great around them, but my husband is HIGHLY angry that he will be around the kids, and I know its because there is suspicion and anger. In the divorce, we have joint legal custody, but I have physical custody. My question is this.....

Should I NOT start a relationship with my ex just because of my husband?

If I do, and if at some point we live together, is there a way my husband can take me to court because it will be immoral, and take the kids away (something my mom says he can do)?

Go ahead and toss out the questions and opinions, I dont talk about this to anyone much right now, its too much for my friends to take it right now.


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