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[QUOTE=Salinas1]The reasons you gave are not unreasonable and I certainly understand why some would make a decision to not marry based on the examples you offered.

My reasoning is philosophical and principle based. My value set precludes my living with a partner if I have children in my home. This is not the rule of life to be followed by everyone; it is the values based rule that I choose for myself. The reasons are many but not important to this thread. I respect your right to make informed decisions for you and your family and define your own values as best suits your outlook on life.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Salinas. I appreicate your response. I just felt it important to see another reason one may not want to remarry so quickly... but love a man and choose to live with him and include children. I also respect your principle of living and choices one makes. You see....I once did think like you, even when I was newly divorced - some 14 yrs ago. I swore I would never live with a man....I would want him to love me and accept my son...and Marry Me...I had no clue of the financial reasons it could have on me or my son.
As I was getting older as well as my son getting older and working my butt off to achieve the financial security for myself and again my son...I meet this wonderful man I am engaged to.
I have a favorite Aunt who I respect so much and value her opinions.
She is an All American woman with High Morals & Standards. She holds a Master's degree in Education, my uncle her husband is the Dean of Admissions at Popular University in upstate PA it was these two wonderful people who have guided me in my life, encourgement me with decisions I have made..good & bad.
I asked her, if what I was doing was wrong by buying a house with my boyfriend with no commitment at that time for marriage...I was surprised at her answer...She told me girl...If I ever divorced your Uncle I would never get remarried again :) then my Uncle who is also a Financial Advisor and tax preparer gave me his two sense worth......It was a value lesson to something I had no understanding or clue. Also, again..what I'm more afraid for more in life is my fiance's ex-wife taking him back to court for MORE child support if we would get married and have to show our combine income. She is the type of Woman who would do such a thing.
Thanks Again...

and to the Post...Enjoy dating your exboyfriend who has entered back into your life. Take it Slow with him, don't live with him till you know that someday there is that chance you will marry him. Your exhusband can not do anything about it. HE, your exhusband should Only Be concerned about the Children you two have not what you are doing with your love life.

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