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Thanks Hoop for the briefing :bouncing:

Anyways Kika1973, your boyfriend is just a boyfriend. There is no life long commititment here because he is just a boyfriend. Your son is your life at this point. He will always be there and you are in no wrong doing for showing your love and affection.

Your boyfriend has to realize this child is part of your life and if he wants in on that then he is going have to show more respect. His anger was probably part of since you are with him he expects you to foret about the thing of you past and start with him a new life...The problem is you can't do that because you have a son from a relationship that didn't work. He will always symblize your past. There is nothing wrong with that because he was the only good thing to you that came out of the relationship.

If you BF can't handle the struggles of reality then he should go on with his life so you can meet someone that will. I am not saying to breakup with him but he needs to understand that your son is your pride and joy and nothing will stop that. Ofcourse you will love your BF but you have to love your child also.
Three things
1. Boyfriend needs anger management
2. You need to be ready for a life of emotional abuse since he doesn't seem to think he has a problem.
3. Your child sees this so he's learning from him.

You need to make a decision on what's more important here.

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