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I'm 20 and only in my 2nd serious relationship. I've been so picky with guys and now I've finally found one that I really want to be with in the long-run. We've been dating for over 4 months now and most of the time everything is ok, but we do get into little fights every now and then and although I don't want to break up with him sometimes I act as if I want to. He says that I don't show my feelings enough (I can agree with that) and I act as if I don't care whether we are together or not. I do care, but I also have a very hard time showing it. I am not used to being with someone that won't break my heart, so I still keep my guard up sometimes. I hate that I am that way, but it doesn't help that my boyfriend is very insecure and always thinks I am going to dump him or find someone better. He knows I love him more than anything and I was single for 3 years before I found him, so I hate that he thinks that way. But I guess I make it worse by acting distant and moody sometimes. I just don't know how to change. It's so bad that for some reason I can rarely ever come out and tell him I love him before he says it. I don't understand. I hate not being able to control my own actions. Another thing that makes me mad is that my boyfriend will test me to try and get a reaction out of me and I hate it! He gets jealous of other guys very easily and I don't get that jealous. So since I don't show any jealousy at all he'll say something to try to get me jealous. Then when I don't react he gets mad because he thinks I don't care about anything. This is getting so frustrating. I have to be super careful when it comes to talking about other guys (even ones on T.V.) because he gets jealous, but he can go and say, "Nice butt" about someone on t.v. just to see if I will get mad. It's so dumb and also childish. I want to be able to change the way I react to things and I want to be comfortable expressing my feelings, but it's even harder when my boyfriend acts the way he does. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'd appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thanks! :)

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