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[QUOTE=soulster]But the problem here is between the husband and wife... they have a kid... so if the family kicks out the husband, what is his child going to be wondering? Is this banishment permanent or are they eventually going to let him back? Does the wife agree with this or is she just accepting that she really does not have a say in this since she is just one person against three? Have the wife and husband been able to discuss this together, alone? I understand that they can and might be good to kick him out for a time period, maybe a couple of weeks, but eventually the husband and wife need to be together and decide clear headidly if they want to try and save this marrige... i.e by getting counseling... but they cant do that if they are separated from each other.[/QUOTE]

Well obviously I don't have all the answers to your questions. We haven't gotten all the info. But one of the posters posts did say that he came back and the wife told him to get lost (or something along those lines) so it appears she does have an oppinion about it all.

As for the kid wondering why Dad was banished... I'm sure he is wondering and this has got to be hard on him. But I think it will send him a better message years down the line to know the reprocussions of his father's actions. Every time I hear of a woman going back to an abusive relationship or letting a cheating husband back in I think "what a great message to send to your kids!" Basicly if they let the father come home after this they are saying that it is "ok" that this is acceptable behavior.

Now I agree with you completely that the husband and wife shoudl get counseling but I don't see how their being seperated keeps this from happening. They don't have to be living together to make it to a counseling appointment.

In fact I'd argue that their not living together will help them work things out better. They dont' have the day in day out fighting this way and can keep cool heads and focus on what they need to do better. Plus it keeps the kid from seeing his folks fighting all the time.

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