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[QUOTE=Gemi]Maybe they grew up with an abusive father.[/QUOTE]

It could also have started in the teen years when they want to seek their freedom. A lot of girls/guy want to be freen and never listen to anyone when they are a teen. So what do they go do????? They stretch their limits to see what there parents would say. Some date the bad boy bullies of the school, some want to act grown up(sex,drinking,pot), and the list can go on.

This is something very hard to answer because these girls will always will cry and cry over thier relationship and for somereason they are back in it. Its not because that is all they can get but thats whats in thier had. They think they cant do any better, have low self esteem, and scared. These guys will corrupt their GF's minds and its hard to change it after that.

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