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Please forgive me cause this is so long, but I really want you to be informed so I can get the best possible advise...

Last November I met a guy and we hit it off right away. I admit that the first initial meeting was probably 80% sexualy chemistry. It was the kind of sexual chemistry that you only read about in a romance novel. He lived in another town 8 hours away. We spent the next several months seeing each other every second weekend or longer if he was in town for a particular reason like work related or something. The sexual chemistry got so much stronger because the level of intimacy just kept getting more and more obvious. One day I realized that when I thought about him the old sexual feeling didn't come into my mind as much, it turned into the way he looked at me or the way he would trade me meals when we went out for dinner if I didn't like what I ordered, the way he still blushes when I talk to him. My friends all adore him and they all think he is the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

At 32 years old I have to admit that no one has ever made me feel the way he does. I have never desired anyone so much. I have totally fallen in love with this guy for the first time in my life. I have been in a couple long term relationships where I have been hurt, used, and abused so I never really fessed up to him about how I felt about him and he never really did either, other than he would tell me how much he misses me when we are not together or that he thinks about me everyday, stuff like that.

I have a child who is almost a teenager from a previous relationship, who he has been aware of from day 1 but he never met. I guess I was protecting her until I was sure of the seriousness of the relationship. 3 weeks ago he was coming back into town for work for 2 weeks and he asked me about maybe meeting her. I figured it was time and agreed. It went very well and they totally clicked. He told me she was a sweetheart and that he was suprised how well it went and couldn't understand why he was so nervous. Later that night he totally opened up to me and confessed how much he cared for me. He said the sweetest, most beautiful things to me I ever heard in my life. I was never so touched by a man and I didn't know how to handle it...I just wanted to cry! Stupid me, all I could say was, I care for you so much more than I ever thought I would!

This is where the story gets very confusing.... he left that night, I drove him back to the hotel and when he was getting out of the car he said when do u want to see me again, I asked, what is good for you with your schedule and he said soon, very soon, I'll call you tomorrow, kissed me and said you are the most incredible and wonderful woman I ever met! He got out of the car and I have not heard from him since. I tried calling him several times and his cell phone (he only has a cell phone) just goes to an automated voice msg. saying this customer can not be contacted at this time please call back later. It has been 2.5 weeks and I am losing my mind, I cry everyday and I am so confused. He gave me a couple of his friends numbers previously in case of emergency or something but I am really reluctant to call them. I do know he is alive because he checked out of the hotel the day he was supposed to leave cause I was worried so I called the hotel the afternoon after he was supposed to leave and just said I was calling to confirm his checkout and the hotel receptionist said he checked out at 9am.

I really don't know what to do, I don't know what happened or where things went so wrong...I am terribly hurting right now. What should I do? Should I just hold off for a couple weeks and see if he phones and if he doesn't then call his friend and ask him to give him a message to call me or should I just try my best to move on? I don't want to look like I am stalking him but at the same time I don't want him to think he wasn't worth me attempting to contact him. If he has had second thoughts about the way he feels about me then I can deal with that and move on but for the first time in my life I crave that closure and with not talking to him I'll never get that. Please, please try to give me some insight as to the reasons he might have done this or what I should or shouldn't do in this situation! Thank you so much!

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