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[QUOTE=GirlHarley]Sophia - I didn't think your words were that harsh, I was little surprised about the hitting part but what you said also made sense on the character of the guy just taking off without letting his girlfriend know where he was. What you stated was also good and I too agree w/you why did he allow to be a punching bag? NOT that anyone Male or Female should be a punching bad. I have never been hit by a man and I sure hope that will never happen.
I'm a petite woman but if I was hit....I would hit back once and run for my life. LOL I teach my son do not hit woman and do not be hit by woman and if a woman ever hit my son, I have told him to crab the arm, move it away and get away. It's easy to teach a girl how not to get hit by a man but try teaching a boy not getting hit by a girl.[/QUOTE]

Thanks GirlHarley. Yep, I know, the gf must have been furious after he disappeared for the night with no notice. Especially that she's not just some casual girlfriend--they LIVE together and were engaged, I presume. I would have been furious too but still probably wouldn't hit him (at least not "intentionally ;) ). Some temper she has, huh?

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