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hey there S.S. i cant beleive it. your EX boyfriend sounds sooo much like mine. i think you are so brave and strong for leaving. i know how you feel, when you said you dont have the energy to go through with the break up. ive been with my b f for 9 years and it is so hard for me to start the whole break up process, again. he does the exact same things as yours. he even threatens to ruin my life when i say i want to break up. we live together and have a very beloved dog. its so complicated. i guess im still with him because im lazy, and scared of being all alone for the first time. (im 23) im also sooo used to being with him all the time. but, we fight almost everyday, about the stupidest things, just like your pda. he couldnt respect your feelings, and its crazy. we fight about things like that too. i totally understand all of your feelings, and wanting to just momentarilly forget about things, to avoid hours of angry fighting. i kicked him out this summer for a week and he laid the biggest of guilt trips on me. he was so upset, and wouldnt get out of my life. he was staying 2 blocks away. so i flew in late after a job, and he picked me up at this airport thats difficult to get home from. i was so tired i just gave in and let him spend the night. then he just ended up staying. he treated me like a queen for about 3 months, and now things are pretty much back to normal. people have told me that people dont really change. i think its the truth. please keep that in mind. im sure if you went back to him, youd eventually be miserable again, like me. so sorry for rambling. he will be home soon, and hed freak out about me looking at relationship boards. i think they both have big problems with insecurity. we have so many problems, that i would have to type all night. and since he is so insecure, he hasnt wanted me hanging out with girlfriends. it has always caused problems. so now i really dont have any close friends, to talk to or hang out with. it will be so hard for me to go through this again. but i cant keep lying to myself, and procrastinating forever. please stay strong. if you really love him, all of the fighting will eventually eat it away, and youll hate him. that is my experience anyway. if anyone has any advice for me, please help.

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