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[QUOTE=mark2k]Okay, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's on how I should go about trying to be more social? When ever I am out with friends..etc expesially when girls are present I tend to be very quiet or shy and end up keeping to myself. If I am online or writing something I can easily write or express myself with ease, through say instant messaging, or e-mail. I'm not exaclty sure why I am so quiet, as I'm sure I have lots to say just have trouble thinking of things to say, or come up with topics/starting conversation...etc when in person.

Not to long from now I will be going out with a girl, and I really dont want to screw things up with my lack of communication skills. Now I know everyone says just be yourself, but deep down I dont really like being quiet so I dont see how being quiet can really can be 'me', but at the same time I suppose it is, if that makes sense? :confused:

Anyway any suggestions on opening up, being more social..etc would be great thanks :)[/QUOTE] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrange]Dude! I had the same problem... The first time you guys go out shouldn't be a problem. You barely know anything about each other. Keep asking questions. The first outting should always be getting to know each other better, not just like... random **** about weather or whatever you talk about... My girlfriend, Lauren and I have been together since march 22, 2003. we have talked sooo freaking much, theres not much more to say... she Practically knows everything there is to know about me. All I can say to you is once you guys start being more physical, you'll be more open, so its easier to talk to one another. once you become actual good friends and more. You can kinda be stupid. Do stupid things to make her laugh, and as long as shes laughing you feel better. trust me bro, you feel awesome when she thinks you're funny as hell. Later dude, [/FONT]
~ Wooby151 :eek: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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