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[QUOTE=eightball61]Its a sign of jealousy. You have been only dating for 3 weeks and in a relation you will always learn somthing new about that person. Now, she may have been digging his humor but you really don't know if they were digging each other. If you both are still together then you have nothing to worry about. If it bother you that much then just ask her.

I don't see anything wrong here unless the exchanged numbers and talking to eachother on a regular basis. If you want to feel safe then don't go out with your friend and her at the same time for a few weeks.[/QUOTE]

hmm... I disagree actually. I've seen long standing friendships end of less. I would strongly recommend he talk to his friend and his girl friend about this. Don't make a big deal out of it yet just explain how it made you feel.

With your girl friend approach it by saying how you're happy she is getting along with your friends and you realize that you might be reading things into it that aren't there but that how she was acting with your friend seemed kinda flirtacious to you and made you a bit uncomfortable.

With your friend just flat out ask him if he's attracted to your girlfriend. Tell him how the situation seemed and felt to you and ask him if he could help you by not encouraging it in the future.

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