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Re: Too young?
May 22, 2004
[QUOTE=jen_wv][QUOTE=maak823]Two Words for you; "GO HOME"

I have to agree here. Go Home

My daughter is almost 18. She has recently announced that she and her worthless, jobless, living at home with mommy, boyfriend wants her to move in with them and marry him.

She wont listen to someone with knowledge and experience ( meaning anyone other than him ) and I know she will regret her decision.

***I dont think anyone should get married ( or for that matter, live together ) until they have experienced some real life responsibilities.***

I suggested to her that should she choose this lifestyle, use plenty of birth control and see how life really is on the outside.

When she realized that she made a mistake.... COME HOME.

I promised her that I would not say "I told you so" or " You made your bed..."

I want her to know the door will always be open.

Im sure your family care more about your well being than you will ever imagine.

Go Home, sweetie. And, good luck.[/QUOTE]

Wow, Jen, you are a FANTASTIC MOM! Your daughter is so lucky to have a mom like you. I wish I had someone to say this to me when I decided to move in with my good-for-nothing, 14-years-older boyfriend when I was 23. So much pain and misery could have been avoided. Oh well, I pray that your daughter comes to her senses soon. The stupid things we do when we're young.

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